"The Craftsman" Men's Wooden Chronograph

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A striking, modern timepiece with rustic sensibilities…

  • The watch face is meticulously crafted of zebrawood, an exotic hardwood popular for its bold striping.
  • The watch band is constructed of black ion-plated metal with zebrawood inlays.
  • Features three chronograph sub-dials with a stopwatch feature and date window.
  • The strap has an easy-to-use stainless steel tri-fold clasp with push buttons.
  • Reliable quartz movement ensures accuracy.



A handsomely crafted men's watch featuring wood inlays.

You have the spirit of a craftsman. Where most are comfortable with the quantity-over-quality mindset, you prefer to put in the extra effort and make sure things get done right. And though you have no problem keeping up with the demands of today’s fast-paced world, you never forget to slow things down when needed, to perfect every last detail.
The Craftsman Men’s Wooden Chronograph features a design that harkens back to a time when quality was valued above all else. Its most striking feature is its face. Meticulously crafted from zebrawood —an exotic hardwood cherished for its bold striped appearance — it boasts a rustic look that’s impossible to ignore. Exquisite zebrawood is also set within the watch’s black ion-plated band.
What’s more, this dependable timepiece features a steadfast quartz movement, three chronograph sub-dials, a stopwatch, and a date window. As the perfect finishing touch, The Craftsman fastens with an easy-to-use tri-fold clasp complete with a push button mechanism.

Jewelry Specifications:
Material: Zebrawood, Stainless Steel, Black Ion-Plated
Size: 22 cm long with removable links. Face is ø44,5 mm in diameter

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